painting wrought iron

Painting Wrought Iron or Steel

Montreal is world famous for our painted wrought iron stairs and railings. In many parts of the city you will find exterior metal balconies, railings, and staircases – in a climate where this really does not make obvious sense. You can ask yourself why outdoor second story iron stairs are native to a city that gets so much snow. They seem like something better suited to a warmer climate. Nevertheless, Montreal’s wrought iron work is well know, and needs painting and maintenance in order to stay in top shape.

Mon Peintre specializes in painting outdoor iron stairs and railings. Our professional painters are trained in the particular processes that must be followed in order to get a good result when painting wrought iron.

Metal stairs or balcony? The right metal paint will prevent rust.

Do you have a wrought iron or steel balcony that’s in need of painting? Wrought iron can be damaged by the elements, and by temperature changes. Wear is inevitable, but not irreparable. However, a simple coat of paint isn’t enough to bring back wrought iron’s initial lustre and you should never simply paint over rusted iron. Mon Peintre has developed very specific techniques in order to deliver a first-rate paint job and ensure longevity of the refinished metal surface.

Mon Peintre offers two products for re-finishing exterior metal on your building:

The first is a 2-part epoxy coating. This finish is a highly resistant industrial product. Painting with 2-part epoxy is more costly both in application time and materials. However these epoxy paint compounds can keep a new metal surface intact and painted for up to thirty years. Mon Peintre is one of the few companies in the Montreal accredited and able to expertly deliver this iron stair painting service.

The second option is to re-paint your metal with an alkyd paint (oil paint). This is a more affordable solution that yields professional, high-quality results. Whatever option you choose, be sure to work with accredited professional painters. Mon Peintre’s professional team would be pleased to provide a free quote within 24 hours.


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Painting Metal With a 2-Part Epoxy Paint – Stairs, Railings, Balconies

Two-part paints need to be mixed together on site prior to application, and come in two separate containers. The A compound consists of the base paint and the B compound contains the hardener. Once mixed, the paint can be applied to metal for a period of 2 to 6 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and the type of product. Beyond this period of time the paint will harden and will no longer be usable.

Applying 2-part epoxy on exterior metal : The Process

  • Rust and peeling paint are mechanically scraped with a power grinder and  steel brush.
  • All surfaces are cleaned with solvent for maximum adhesion.
  • A rust converter is applied. This liquid product chemically transforms rust into a black surface ready to be painted.
  • A primer coat of 2-part epoxy compound is applied on all surfaces – even under your stairs.
  • Two finish coats of 2-part epoxy are applied in the desired colour to complete the paint job.
Epoxy and polyurethane paints are long-lasting industrial paints and are not usually sold directly to the general public.  In order to avoid losses, the paint must be mixed only in small quantities at a time. Due to its viscosity, its application also requires more time. Mon Peintre understands the complexities of this process. Please contact us for more information.

There are several advantages to epoxy and polyurethane paints for balconies and other horizontal surfaces exposed to the weather. These metal finishing products are highly resistant to corrosion, and the primer coat of epoxy paint was specially designed for metal structures that may be submerged in salt water – so you can be sure that it will protect your stairs! The finish coat can resist UV rays, abrasion and scratches,  and leaves metallic surfaces shiny for several years. Two-part paints can last over thirty years in areas where the metal suffers little damage. This superior iron paint will protect metal stairs from puddles and snow and ice.

Guarantee: Mon Peintre offers a two-year guarantee on paint and labour, with these exceptions:

  • Abusive use of treated surfaces
  • Rust too deeply incrusted in metal surfaces
  • Finish applied to welded joints
  • Steel structure designs


Painting Iron With Rustproof Alkyd Paint – Fences, Stairs, Railings, Balconies

Rustproof alkyd paint is an oil-based metal paint specially designed for wrought iron and metal structures. Mon Peintre is equipped with the best painting tools and techiques for its’ application. The quality of alkyd paint is superior to that of traditional rust-proof paints.

Applying rustproof alkyd metal paint: The Process

  • Rust and peeling paint are mechanically scraped with a power grinder and  steel brush.
  • All surfaces are first cleaned with a solvent in order to ensure a better adhesion of the painting products.
  • A partial coat of Red Oxide primer is applied to scraped and rusted surfaces.
  • Two coats of alkyd metal paint with added polyurethane are applied in the desired colour.

Alkyd metal paint has a limited life span. Painting jobs must therefore be repeated depending on use and exposure to changes in temperature. The paint’s initial shine does not last as long as that of epoxy and polyurethane paints but the lower cost makes alkyd paint an attractive option for maintaining exterior metal fencing, railings, and stairs. The advantages to painting wrought iron with alkyd paint include this type of paint’s resistance to abrasion and scratches. It is an affordable metal painting solution that offers professional results. Contact Mon Peintre for a free quote today.


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