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Mon Peintre is a painting contractor specialized in covering materials such as aluminum and vinyl. These components are omnipresent in the construction of our buildings. Although they are very resistant, it is sometimes necessary to spruce up their appearance. By choosing Mon Peintre, you are making sure that a specialist will be undertaking this job. Our team of painting professionals capably carry out all exterior siding projects by following a specialized methodology.

Our Specialized Method for Exterior Painting Jobs and Painting on Aluminum Surfaces

In order to achieve optimal results, construction painters follow these three steps:

  • All surfaces to be painted are cleaned with a high-pressure washer. An industrial grade degreaser is used to remove the thin, dusty layer that covers aluminum sidings
  • All peeling paint is scraped and sanded
  • We repair and seal of protective surface coatings, when needed
  • We repair all holes and damaged areas
  • We cover all doors and windows as well as any surface that may be stained by the paint
  • A coat of primer is applied to all exterior sidings, when necessary
  • Two coats of paint are applied with a paint spray gun*

*100% acrylic paint for vinyl surfaces

  • All material is gathered and the site is thoroughly cleaned

Mon Peintre, Paint Sprayer Specialist

Painting with paint sprayers is our specialty. Our team of painting professionals uses the best equipment to give your home or place of business a clean, new look. Paint used on this type of siding dries fairly quickly and it is often possible to apply the necessary 2 coats in the same day. Soffits, fascias, gutters, shutters and all other sections of your home can be painted using the paint sprayer method.


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