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Industrial Painting Contractor

Mon Peintre is a leading industrial painting company in Montreal. We know how important the activities and tasks carried out within the walls of your industrial building are. We believe that a clean and bright workplace, painted with your company’s colours, contributes to your success. Painting an entire building can seem daunting, but that doesn’t stop our team. Our painting professionals are well-equipped to paint your building from top to bottom.

Industrial Painter for Manufacturing, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, etc.

A work environment that is clean and orderly creates a professional image for your company, and shows your workforce that you operate at a high standard of quality and attention to detail. A distribution center or factory space painted in your brand colours will impress clients and increase their confidence in your products.

A brightly painted workspace also supports good lighting. When walls, floor, and ceilings are clean and bright the interior light levels are increased – without any extra expenditure on lighting or electricity. Paint your industrial building interior in light tones to help employees better do their jobs. They will see better, and everyone feels better when they work in a clean and bright space.

Industrial painting is an effective way to improve workplace health and safety, and give a boost to morale. Your employees will appreciate your efforts to create a pleasant workplace. Follow the example of Apple computer and make your industrial workspace as bright and cheerful as your offices.


Do you have an industrial painting project?

We are always happy to provide a free estimate.

Industrial Painting Professionals

Mon Peintre is a professional painting company specialised in industrial spaces. We have a passion for creating bright and effective work environments in factories, warehouses, and distribution centres. Our industrial painting teams have what it takes to make your painting project a success:

  • Skilled professional industrial painters
  • The latest in commercial painting technology and equipment
  • Industrial paint – selected based on your particular environment and application
  • The highest health and safety standards for our team and yours
  • RBQ license, CCQ accreditation, and a CAA recommendation
  • Full insurance for industrial painting.

No matter how large your manufacturing or industrial space that needs painting we have the skills and resources to execute your internal branding and beautification project.

Examples of the industrial surfaces we have painted include:

  • Ceilings of every height and type, including steel deck
  • Ducts and conduits for heating or ventilation
  • Concrete block walls
  • Gyprock walls
  • Cement floors. Clear or solid finishes with the industrial paint that suits your environment.
  • Safety markings, like yellow zones and lines
  • Entrance areas, office spaces, toilets, changerooms, cafeteria, breakrooms.

Whatever industrial painting we do for your company, the results are guaranteed.

The WOW effect of a coat of paint in an industrial application

So, you have decided to boost your business by painting (or re-painting) your factory or warehouse and you want to get started. Just call Mon Peintre and one of our estimators will be pleased to help you with your project. We can visit your industrial location and prepare a plan and pricing for you within 24 hours.

You will be happy with your decision when your workers and clients tell you how impressed they are with the clean and professional appearance of your building. That’s the WOW effect that we bring to your industrial space with a fresh coat of paint. But watch out – you may find yourself wanting to stay at work longer after the fresh paint job.