Can we paint cornices? Yes!

People are sometimes don’t believe me when I tell them that our painting company does paint cornices. Yes, it’s possible!

Of course, the painting of cornices asks for specially conceived tools and equipment, proper training, and a certain expertise.

Specially conceived tools

It doesn’t matter if your cornice is made of wood or metal, it’s recommended that you […]

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Interior Home Painting in Montreal: Secrets You Need

Interior Home Painting Starts with Simple Secrets
When you own a house, maintaining it would be one thing that you would do from time to time and in the list of maintenances, interior home painting would be the priority task and the most complex task as well. The complexity is not in performing Interior home painting […]

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How to Hire a Painter: 11 Great Tips

Learning How To Hire a Painter Can Save You Serious Amounts of Money, Both For the Service Quality and It’s Longevity

An article from ehow.com. Hiring a professional painter is more costly than doing it yourself, but it’s a quick and easy way to get the job done right. Here’s how to hire a top-quality painter for […]

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Exterior Painting Tips from Montreal’s MonPeintre.ca

<h2>Check out this list of Exterior Painting Tips and thoughts to help you get the most of out of your outdoor painting jobs, put together by Montreal paint professionals, MonPeintre.ca</h2>

From a professional painter’s point of view, exterior painting is the most important home maintenance project that can be done. Often the paint and caulking is all that is stopping damage from the weather and water.

Damage to your siding alone can cost thousands to fix. This is just one surface that is vulnerable to the effects of the weather and an inadequate paint job.

Often the difference between a good exterior paint job and a bad one comes down to saving some money on the materials or labor (if a pro is hired). Another thousand dollars spent now can save many thousands later.


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