People are sometimes don’t believe me when I tell them that our painting company does paint cornices. Yes, it’s possible!

Of course, the painting of cornices asks for specially conceived tools and equipment, proper training, and a certain expertise.

Specially conceived tools

It doesn’t matter if your cornice is made of wood or metal, it’s recommended that you use a high pressure washing tool before painting it. This will allow you to clean the cornice thoroughly thanks to the power of boiling water. Thus the surface will be stripped very quickly, which means that the old paint will detach easily. The best pressure washing tools on the market offer an adjustable pressure: we put less pressure on wood surfaces to make sure we don’t damage them. The pressure washing tool gives a quality that is 10 times greater and a speed 50 times superior than the traditional method.

Moreover, for any exterior painting of wood or metal, we strongly recommend using a spray painting gun. To avoid accidents, the painting gun must only be handled exclusively by professionals who did receive proper training courses. Depending on the project, this tool allows the painter to have a productivity that is 10 times greater than with a traditional brush-and-roll method. The cost of a good spray painting gun may vary from $2000.00 and $25 000.00. That’s why it’s more profitable to hire a professional painter.

Specialized equipment

As cornices are more than 10 feet high, it’s preferable not to paint them standing on a regular ladder. The use of lifting equipment is essential to have a safe work environment (there are 100 times less falls with the elevating platform than with the ladder in the province of Quebec) and a great productivity. A cornice painted using a lift or elevating platform of 10 feet large will be painted approximately 50 faster than a cornice painted with a ladder.

Proper training courses

Several entities offer training courses on health and safety in the construction and painting industries. Of course, the CCQ and the CSST offer various courses. But many other recognized organizations offer courses about how to drive a lift safely: mandatory courses for instance. If you are thinking about painting a cornice, try to take at least one class on the subject that is offered in your city. Or even better: call an expert!


When you hire a paint contractor who has several years of experience in cornice painting just like the FinDecor painting company, you maximize your chances of getting a quality finish, a durable work, and a look you will be proud of! Indeed, throughout the years, building painters acquire dexterity, an excellent knowledge of the products, efficient techniques and a speediness that no one wants to live without!

Make an appointment with a team of professional painters for cornice painting.

Dave Beaupre
Master painter

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